UGG Boot Wearers Ready For Soggy Winter

wet UGG boots
UGG owners are preparing for road salt stains to become a permanent addition to their boots.

Fans of popular UGG boots are gearing up for another soggy winter consisting of “cold, wet feet and broken dreams.”

The boots have come under fire and garnered criticism for their “impracticality” as a wintertime shoe. “Who decided that a suede, fur filled, gripless slipper is an acceptable winter boot?” said Nicole Todd, who was not popular in elementary school.

Others enjoy the shoes’ comfort and easy ability to take on and off. “I love being able to just throw on a pair when I’m in a hurry,” said sophomore Rebbeca Moore, who wears UGGs without socks.

UGG spokesperson Tom Brady reportedly loves UGG products, having said, “they’re the perfect product to cuddle up with my sons in! UGGs are a great shoe for dry weather, very short walks, moments where you don’t really need shoes on but you paid for UGGs so you’re just going to wear them anyway.”

At press time, UGG wearers were seen taking off their boots during lecture to “let the puppies breathe.”

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