Nation Readies For Tradition Of Seeing Extended Family In Pajamas

A family posing for a holiday photo
Mothers around the world were seen struggling to squeeze their children into matching Gap Kids pajamas long into their teen years.

Ahead of the coming holiday, individuals around the nation are reportedly readying themselves for the annual tradition of seeing their extended family wearing pajamas at holiday gatherings.

“I didn’t know my uncle owned pajama pants,” said celebrator of Christmas, Alexa Coleman. “I thought he only owned khakis, even when we’re all supposed to be in pajamas on Christmas.”

Though polls have shown that Americans would prefer to hold family gatherings in “more proper attire,” most cited conflicts such as “who would tell grandma to stop buying everyone matching pajamas.”

“She still won’t buy my wife any, despite us being married for eight years,” said Darren Jones of his grandmother. “I guess she just doesn’t consider her part of the family.”

“It’s weird seeing everyone dressed for church one minute and then, next thing you know, your aunt is in a reindeer onesie,” added Alexa Coleman. “It feels like an insult to Jesus.”

At press time, families across then country were seen unboxing their matching red and black flannel pajamas, all in the wrong sizes.

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