New Tattoo Embroiled In Controversy At Family Holiday

A tattoo artist with gloves pointing to a heart tattoo
Murphy was grateful when the council of relatives moved on to berating her cousin’s new nose ring instead.

Reports have emerged that a new tattoo belonging to Carrie Murphy, a 20 year old psychology student, has been the subject of intense debate and controversy at the Murphy family Christmas.

The tattoo in question, a small heart located on Carrie’s left wrist, was met with horrified reactions by the other attendants of the gathering. Witnesses from the scene have reported that Helen Murphy, grandmother of Carrie, fainted upon seeing the dime-sized ink pattern, while David Murphy, father of Carrie, let out a series of “disapproving grunts” in reaction to the barely-visible black outline.

“These days, kids are getting into all kinds of dreadful behavior,” commented Bernard Murphy, Carrie’s grandfather. “Back when I was young, we used to have fun by throwing rocks at the neighbor’s daughter, but now the kids are listening to demonic rap music and smoking Mary Jane and covering themselves in disgusting tattoos. She knows she’ll never get a job with that, right?”

“I’m glad she’s learning to express her, um, unique individuality,” offered Carrie Murphy’s mother, Sandra Murphy, upon seeing the miniature design that would be covered by nearly any shirt. “I just don’t see why she needs to draw so much attention to herself like this, especially at family Christmas.”

Murphy was last seen crossing “tattoo in honor of my family” off her tattoo inspiration

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