Pretentious Student Disappointed To Find Out Rick’s Not Actually Cafe

The not-so-cafe-like cafe, Rick's
Hirsha’s disappointment was only increased after discovering Skeeps was not, in fact, a craft store.

Area hipster Joanna Hirsha reports that she was “disappointed to find out Rick’s isn’t actually a cafe.”

Hirsha, a senior in Stamps, has been on the hunt for new aesthetic cafes to pretend to read a book in. “I overheard someone talking about this Rick’s American Cafe that had a line wrapped around the building. I’m normally not one for those popular overrated cafe types, but I thought I would check it out. Waited two hours in line only to find out this supposed cafe is actually just a packed club bar.”

Hirsha later posted on YikYak to “see if anyone else was misled.” She was met with replies such as “why would a cafe be open from 9pm- 2am” and “Why would a cafe have a bouncer and no windows?”

Bartenders at Rick’s have reported “confusion” at Hirsha’s repeated attempts to approach the bar and order a cortado. “I just gave her a tequila soda and hoped she wouldn’t notice the difference,” reported one bartender.

Hirsha was last seen taking her laptop to the shop after various liquids had been spilled all over it.

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