Professor Brings In Little Snack For Last Day Of Class

Schmanthony McFooseball's blue book along with assorted snacks.
The class was reportedly “pissed” to have to accomodate for Jess’s peanut allergy.

Economics professor Emmanuel Walker reportedly brought in a charming little snack for his students on the last day of class.

The lite fare brought a sense of “whimsy” to the concluding of the course, which all enrollees are allegedly failing or “right on the cusp.” One student in the D+ range described feeling “disappointed at their current standing, but happy to enjoy a styrofoam bowl of Doritos.”

“It was really nice of him to pour a standard shot of Sprite for everyone,” said LSA Junior Holden Taylor. “A C minus never tasted so good! What a way to close out the semester.”

This surprise reminded students of a previous lecture, where Walker brought in a dozen boxes of sugar cookies as a “birthday treat.”

“The best part was the 1/36th of a slice of pizza,” said enrolled senior Trisck Cuite as she shoveled raw oreos into her mouth.

After finishing review for the final exam, Walker reportedly wheeled in a TV and started playing “Bill Nye the Science Guy”.

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