Graduating Friend Announces Plan To “Change Raytheon From The Inside”

Woman with multimeter
Albertson has since turned off comments on the LinkedIn post announcing her new position.

Soon-to-be College of Engineering graduate Vicky Albertson has reportedly been telling all her friends that she’s looking forward to “changing the culture from the inside” at her full-time Aerospace Engineering job at Raytheon this coming fall.

Albertson, whose friends initially questioned her decision to work at a weapons manufacturer, happily reassured them that she “wasn’t, like, morally endorsing” the rockets and drones she’d be building, and that she was “looking to make some real, systemic alterations.”

After questioning from fellow engineering students, Albertson somewhat conceded. “Look, I know I’m not going to be able to change things overnight, but I think if I can really rise through the ranks, stay quiet as thousands of civilians get struck by drones, and shut down the entire reason the company’s profitable, I could change things.”

“Plus,” continued Albertson, “I’m going to be one of the only female engineers on my team. If anything, this is a reminder of how far women in STEM fields still have to go.”

Albertson’s roommate recently announced her plans to consult with big pharmaceutical companies—“but, like, strictly financially”—at McKinsey in the spring.

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