Project Group Immediately And
Obviously Bad

Students sitting at a table in a library working in a group project
Jiang reported losing all hope the second he saw his group assignment.

A recent group formed in Spanish 232 for a project worth 50% of the final class grade has been called “immediately and obviously bad” by group member Charlie Jiang, a junior chemistry major who desperately needs a B in order to complete the language requirement.

“I haven’t heard from any of these people in weeks,” says Jiang, who has begun attempting to complete the entire project himself. “The last messages in the group chat are everyone’s names.”

“I was sick or something during all that,” commented Kelly Walters, who was allegedly spotted in four separate undergraduate bars last weekend.

“That guy, Chuck or whatever, needs to chill out,” says Daniel Przygoda, who has not attended a single class this semester. Upon further investigation, Przygoda claimed to have “no idea” if he was enrolled in Spanish 232.

Screenshots from the project group chat that were leaked by an unnamed group member showing Jiang repeatedly asking for support, including a message that reads, “Hey guys, we only have a week left for this project and I’d really like to know if you guys have thought about a date to meet up and work on it. Thanks.” The text was completely ignored.

At press time, Jiang was seen submitting the completed project with only his own name attached.

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