“You Can Just Put ‘M-‘ In Front Of Anything,” Says M-Penis Group

The University of Michigan's premiere social club: M-Penis logo with the UofM block M
The club reportedly inspired other clubs such as M-Wheat Thins and M-Denim.

On Thursday, students from the UM-verified student organization M-Penis announced that “it turns out they just let you put M- in front of anything.”

“I mean, some of the things you see around here…M-Engin, M-etrics, M-agination, it honestly seemed like they weren’t checking,” said M-Penis President Richard Inbohls. “We really wanted to push the envelope.”

The head of M-Penis said that the group has no actual function or purpose other than to gather together a set of students dedicated to seeing “M-Penis” on MaizePages. “We send out 3 emails a day,” said Inbohls. “One short one for each testicle and one long one for the shaft. That’s about it.”

M-Penis is reportedly working on increasing their campus presence. “We even had a booth at Winterfest,” said Inbohls. “Had a big banner with our tagline and everything. ‘Do you have the M-Balls to join M-Penis?’ Got 238 sign-ups in an hour and we didn’t even put Starbursts on the table.”

Center for Campus Involvement representative Mary Anderson, when reached for comment, said that the CCI “honestly figured no one would notice” M-Penis among the 1600 other student organizations.

M-Penis is hoping to acquire sponsorship from UAC and obtain university funding by the Fall 2023 semester.

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