Ok, Not That Glamorous I Guess: This Guy Is Old Money But It’s Because His Great-Grandpa Invented The Little Car From Monopoly

Well, okay. This guy has a really huge penthouse and wears really sick clothes but it’s not for that exciting of a reason. You’d think he has oil money, maybe railroad money, or something sick like that, but no, he’s just literally descended from the guy who made the little mini Monopoly car. 

Like, it’s gotta be pretty underwhelming when he runs into celebrities at the Met Gala who ask what he does, and he has to mumble something along the lines of “mygrampainventedthelittlemonopolycar.” 

Apparently he was spotted at high tea at the Plaza last week telling everyone he had family in the “automotive industry.” Okay, sure. Nice little white lie there, buddy. Leave out the fact that the car is a centimeter long and made of cheap aluminum– that’s sure to increase your status among the elite!

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