Jeopardizing My Digital Footprint
Karis Clark

If you’re reading this, I can only assume you’re on a devout internet search using my namesake. If I’m not famous yet then odds are you’ve came across an online relic of my time as a nefariously niche campus micro-celebrity, this included....

Graphic Designer? I Barely Know Her!
Keegan McCalmont

As we prepare to bid adieu to layout and the pitch meetings I occasionally showed up to, I cannot help but reflect on the journey we have all taken together. Not all of you are graphic designers, but most of you seem pretty cool anyway. I thoroughly...

I Have Dead Wife Syndrome
Allison Kolpak

You know her, you’ve seen her in movies and you’ve read about her in novels that have paintings of oceans on the covers: Dead Wife. Dead Wife lives in the abstract. She exists only in flashbacks, one of which you (the viewer) gets to see after...