I Had A Lot Of Fun With You Last Night
By A Dumb Bitch Who Lives In The Past

I really enjoyed spending time with you last night. That was so much fun and I feel like we really hit it off. I hope to hear from you soon because like I said, I had a really great time. Most of the guys I meet around here are so shallow. After two...

I’m An Introvert Too, Bitch!
Stacie From Zeta Eta

I bet you think you’ve got me all figured out. You see me as just another pretty face in a crowd, but in reality I’m far more than that. I’m a dreamer. I’m a thinker. And most importantly, I’m an introvert. Yeah, like, whoa, right? So many...

What Is This, Amateur Night?
A Guy That Doesn't Understand Karaoke

In all my years as a concert reviewer, I thought I had seen it all. I’ve seen good concerts, bad concerts, so-bad-they’re-good concerts, so-good-they’re-just-okay concerts, and so on. But nothing could prepare me for the travesty I witnessed...

Long Time No Talk!
The Kid Who Used to Bully You in High School

Hey! Long time no talk! Remember me? I know we didn’t connect much in high school, but I’ve changed a lot since then. I didn’t know that you partied either! Didn’t see you at too many parties back then. Wonder if it had anything to do with...

The Obituary Of Sara Lebow
Sara Lebow

Sara Lebow graduated peacefully in her sleep surrounded by E3W staff. She will be remembered for being the second hottest member of the paper and for getting offended by her own front page headlines literally every time. Sara is survived by her two...