A confident-looking 21st century man

Our Society Is Pretty Advanced
A Man Who Skipped The Day In School Where They Learned About Hunter-Gatherer Societies

You know what? 21st-century society might have its problems, but I have to say that all things considered, we’re killing the game. Sure, we’ve got our fair share of war, genocide, environmental decay, and worker exploitation, but hey, we have...

I’m 40 And I Agree!
A Random Person In TikTok’s Comments

Hey there. Thanks for sharing your video about how you struggle to make close friendships in your late 20’s. I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I’m 40 years old myself, and I totally agree with you, making friends as an adult is so...

I Told You There Wasn’t A Hidden Bookshelf
A Librarian Who Has A Lot Of Restacking Books To Do

What is wrong with you? Did you think that, out of all the places for there to be a hidden bookshelf, the area district library was the most likely location? I don’t care if you saw “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and “knew what was up with this...

I’m A Good Person, I Don’t Deserve This
A Bad Person Who Deserves It

Oh my God. Why does everything bad happen to me? All I want to do is drive my Hummer to the insurance agency where I work while playing the stock market. I don’t need all this bullshit in my life. What about Jenny from HR? All she does is talk...

So… Is There A Mrs. Worldwide?
A Desperate Woman At A Costume Party

Heyyyy. I absolutely love your Pitbull costume. No, for real, it’s so funny. He’s, like, bald and stuff. And wears sunglasses. You totally look like him in that bald cap and those sunglasses you got from 7/11 or something. Honestly, how did you...