Long Time No Talk!
The Kid Who Used to Bully You in High School

Hey! Long time no talk! Remember me? I know we didn’t connect much in high school, but I’ve changed a lot since then. I didn’t know that you partied either! Didn’t see you at too many parties back then. Wonder if it had anything to do with...

The Obituary Of Sara Lebow
Sara Lebow

Sara Lebow graduated peacefully in her sleep surrounded by E3W staff. She will be remembered for being the second hottest member of the paper and for getting offended by her own front page headlines literally every time. Sara is survived by her two...

I Can’t Wait To Romanticize This Period Of My Life
Danielle Vanzura

As my time as a University of Michigan student comes to a close, I feel nostalgic yet excited for what the future holds: me developing an impossibly idealized view of my college years. I know I’ll look back fondly on late nights at Pizza House...

Either Joseph Clemente Goes Or I Do!
Suzy Weiss

I swear to god if Joseph Clemente stays on this paper it’s fine. But you’ll lose me. You can keep his consistent humor and his adorable haircut, but I’m not staying around to see how it ends. Oh? What’s that? Him?!