I’ll Cross That Bridge When I Come To It
A Man With Reasonable Expectations For Road Trip

I know where I’m going. I also know where I’ve been. And God damn it, I know that in 8.6 miles I am taking a left turn that will put me right in front of the Faulken Bridge. And will I cross that bridge? You bet your ass I will. But make no...

You Can’t Eat Experimental Prose
Your Dad

The most important thing to me is that you’re happy and content. But I’d also prefer if you had a roof over your head and something to feed your wife and kids. You’ve always been creative and I never want you to lose that, but you should...

You Guys Are Too Young For That One, Huh?
A Professor Confronting His Own Mortality

Oh, no one in here gets that one? No one has ever seen Chinatown before. Really, anyone? Ask you parents I guess, haha, they’ll get a kick out of it. It’s an old Jack Nicholson movie. Faye Dunaway is in it too, I think. Anybody even know who...

Be Careful, This Plate Is Hot
A Waiter Who Feels No Pain

Hey, I’ve got your food right here. Fish tacos, right? Looks good. But before I set this plate on your table, there’s something you should know. This plate is hot. Like, really hot. Now, I know what you’re thinking: if the plate is so hot, how...

Do You Think Barack Obama Ever Hates Himself Too?
Thomas Morrison, Political Science Professor

As a lifelong academic and researcher, I have devoted my time to studying the lives and legacies of past presidencies, most notably Barack Obama. President Obama truly changed the world. He gave progressivism a cool, hip edge, showing us all...