GSI Accidentally Fills CTools Resources Folder With Entire Fifth Season Of Entourage

POLSCI 353 COURSE SITE – Exclusive sources with intimate access to the CTools site for POLSCI 353: American Constitutional Politics confirmed that instead of uploading Thursday’s slides on the Electoral College and party nominations, GSI Greg Carrol instead loaded the class folders with media from his own personal iTunes library, including 4 GB of music from a compilation known as “Greg’s Deep Cuts.”

The news first broke when LSA sophomore Leah Cooper, looking to get a head start on next week’s reading assignments, stumbled instead upon the fifth-season premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. “I mean, the episode where Dennis and Mac pretend to be gay when they’re really just squatting in somebody’s house was sooooo funny, but I’m not sure I get what it has to do with the political theory behind the lack of a direct electoral system in presidential elections,” Cooper said.

As news of the upload spread throughout the 200-student lecture, the CTools servers overloaded as students desperately tried to download Carrol’s TV shows and superhero movie soundtracks filed under “Required Reading” in the Resources folder.

“Dude, I had never even seen the pilot of Entourage,” said LSA freshman Jay Stone. “I mean, that shit’s money, just straight money. It didn’t exactly answer why there is an increasing polarization between the Republican Party and urban female social moderates, but I trust that Greg [Carrol] knows what he’s doing. It’s probably like, a metaphor or something. I’m sure we’ll go over it in section.”

Questioned about his mistake, Carrol mumbled something under his breath about “still getting paid, right?” and interjected that “this better mean I don’t have to correct those fucking Federalist Paper projects.”

When pressed further about the discovery of two seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race buried deep within old term-limit lecture slides, Carrol insisted he had no comment.

Originally published: February 2013

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