Heroic YouTube Viewer Comments On Music Video With Lyrics

The Internet rejoiced Monday morning after a user posted a verbatim line from Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” in its comments section on YouTube. The posting user, known only as Cr4bapple, has since garnered praise from many regular comment-section participants.

Sources say the comment, “now ur just somebody that i used 2 no,” was made at 2:16 a.m., “just in the nick of time,” according to Jennifer Hansen, a witness to the spectacle.

“Normally, those comments sections are full of irrelevant bullshit, like analysis of the lyrics or trivia about the artist,” said Hansen. “With all of that in the way, it’s refreshing for a comment to remind us all of a repeated line in a song we literally just listened to, even though the lyrics are already in the video itself and in the description section,” Hansen said.

Other viewers praised Cr4bapple for his or her delivery of the line and the benefit that would accrue to all of those who would be reading it.

“I loved the way he used ‘ur’ instead of ‘you’re,’ ‘2’ instead of ‘to,’ and ‘no’ instead of ‘know.’ I feel like there’s probably some deep symbolism in his choice of these alternate spellings, but I think Cr4bapple is the only one who knows the true meaning behind it. My guess? It has something to do with the duality of man,” said Jim Robinson, a self-proclaimed Gotye fan. “And the way he provided no rationale or context for his comment beyond the fact that he had, in fact, heard the song…it was phenomenal,” Robinson continued.

At press time, Cr4bapple was once again being celebrated for his comment in response to 413 dislikes on the YouTube video for Gotye’s “Eyes Wide Open,” in which he wrote “413 people’s eyes r wide shut.”

Originally published: March 2013

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