Student Applying For Multiple Externships Still Has No Clue What Externship Is

Ross sophomore Andy Carter recently admitted to friends, family, and everyone he knows besides recruiters for Boston Consulting Group that he has no idea what an externship is or what a position as an extern might entail. Carter has become increasingly worried about his ignorance of corporate summer-work programs ever since he began applying for countless externships, internships, and inbetweenterships earlier this semester.

“At first, these externships seemed like great opportunities,” Carter said. “Every recruiter I talked to described their externship as an ‘exciting, fast-paced introduction to the field that goes far beyond the traditional internship!’ which sounded fantastic. I got a little wary, though, when every internship I was looking at was also described to me the exact same way.”

Sources report that Carter has spent several hours in the past week comparing internships and externships online to figure out what the difference between the two is.

“Well, Domino’s is recruiting me for an externship, but on their website I’m seeing all this stuff about their internship,” he mumbled while scrolling through the pizza manufacturer’s corporate website. “Will an externship not look as good on a resume? What if an extern is just an intern for the interns? What if they just make me get coffee for the interns while they’re getting coffee for the employees?”

At press time, Carter was looking up the word “externship” in an online dictionary, which redirected him to the definition of “internship.”

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