Sixth Season Of Jon Hamm’s Wang Full Of Throbbing Drama, Critics Say

Just three episodes into its sixth season, AMC’s hit series Jon Hamm’s Wang – which focuses on Jon Hamm’s phallus as it negotiates the shallow materialism of the 1960s advertising world, as well as vaginas – has been repeatedly praised by viewers for the way in which it allows them to stare at Jon Hamm’s penis in a variety of settings.

Critics have particularly lauded Jon Hamm’s Wang for probing the depths of 1960s American culture in a manner that is both substantially and aesthetically stimulating.

Many fans report that this new season, which returned following an eight-month break, was “a long time coming.” The finale of the previous season had teased them, whetting their appetite and leaving them begging for more.

“I think last season was kind of hard on viewers,” said the show’s producer, Matthew Weiner. “Things got a bit hairy, and a lot was left unfinished. But I think the audience is ready to hop back on and ride this thing out until the end.”

The new season has returned with a bang. The first few episodes were, as anticipated, filled with stiff drinks and a big, fat, juicy scandal. Critics and viewers alike say they are thrilled to welcome Jon Hamm’s Wang back into their living rooms.

Jon Hamm’s Wang is currently the only thing on television worth watching,” said Fred Carr of the Television Critics Association. “Weiner has mastered the art of seduction.”

Jon Hamm’s Wang is a stroke of genius,” said one fan. “I’m blown away every time.”

As the fourth episode approaches, viewers will soon be “heading into the thick of it,” according to Weiner. “This is where we start to get into the meat of the season. It just gets more and more intense until it finally culminates in an explosive finale – but I’m not letting anything slip. Tune in!”

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