In Reversal Of Same-Sex Marriage Position, Republican Senator References Son’s Gay Father

NEW YORK CITY—In an exclusive interview with ABC’s Katie Couric, Senator Joe Bennet (R-Mont.) revealed that his recent reversal on the issue of gay marriage was brought on by the realization that a close family member—his son’s father—was, in fact, gay.

Bennet’s son’s father, who wishes to remain anonymous due to what the admission may do to his “high-profile political life,” had previously kept his homosexuality a secret from his family. Bennet says that he was proud of the courage that his son’s father displayed in coming out to his family, and it was that pride, coupled with Bennet’s newfound belief that homosexuality is not a choice, that led him to support gay marriage.

“I had been raised to believe that homosexuality was a sin, as had my son’s father,” Bennet admitted. “This belief greatly distressed my son’s father, and as a result, he hid this secret all throughout his teenage years, and well into his adult life. But he finally reached a point where he could no longer live a lie,” Bennet said.

“When he went public with these feelings, I could no longer believe deep down in my heart that it was a choice. I admire his courage in boldly asserting who he is, rather than beating around the bush or indirectly hinting at his sexuality,” Bennet continued.

Bennet acknowledges that this reversal of opinion will be controversial for many in his conservative base, and even those close to them.

“Many in my family have been devastated by my decision to support my son’s father,” Bennet said, with pain in his voice, “My wife was so unaccepting of my decision to support my son’s gay father that she kicked me out of the house, forcing me to move into my close friend Mario’s house. Fortunately, Mario has a son with a gay father as well, so he knows my pain and has \ agreed to keep me company in my time of need.”

Bennett has since confirmed that Mario’s caring demeanor, nurturing personality, and lean, muscular thighs have been instrumental in his emotional recovery during this difficult time.

Originally published: September 2013

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