New Single Doubles Length Of James Blunt Concert

Representatives for British musician James Blunt confirm that the singer’s upcoming tour will be “bigger than ever” with the addition of his recently released single “Bonfire Heart.” Blunt’s new set-list boasts an extended ten- minute performance, allowing him to “be a little creative” and “play around with the order” of his songs.

“There’s a new element of surprise with this tour,” said Blunt’s manager, Pete Graham. “Fans will be waiting in anticipation—will he open with his new song and end with an old fan favorite? Or will he open with a classic and end with a new song? It’s all very exciting.”

Graham’s sentiments were echoed strongly by many of Blunt’s fan’s, including Dusty Johnson, who hopes this year’s concert will surpass his previous experience. “Last year my friends and I went out to see him play a set,” Johnson explained. “Don’t get me wrong, the song was sick, but the acid we dropped before walking in didn’t really kick in until the car ride home.”

“Scariest fucking car ride ever,” added Johnson after shaking his head reflectively.

In order to smooth Blunt’s transition into this new venture, Graham has assembled a team to supply the singer with plenty of water throughout his performances, as well as cues to help him remember the lyrics to his songs.

“I’m thrilled that I can give back to my fans and challenge myself as a musician at the same time,” said Blunt in a recent interview. “You know, with a whole new song in the mix, people can shout out requests now, which is both fun and overwhelming—I mean, they could pick anything and I have to be prepared to play it.”

According to representatives, Blunt will kick off his month-long tour next week, after which he will vacation in Italy “indefinitely” to rest and recuperate.

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