Super Excited Mitch McGary Tweets Chance Encounter With Markley Hall Council President

Michigan Sophomore Mitch McGary tweeted his delight after a chance encounter with Markley Hall Council President Andrew Blumenthal. McGary, who describes himself as “a Markley Hall Council super fan,” recently tweeted, “OMG Mark Hall Prez Andrew Blumenthal took seat next to me in Chipotle #freakingout’”

The preseason All-American basketball player admitted the experience had left him star struck. “You know when you come to Michigan that guys like Andrew Blumenthal are walking around,” Said McGary, “But to actually see him. It was so cool, he’s just like the minutes from the council’s meetings describe him. I thought it might just look like him so I snapped a picture of the back of his head and sent it to Stauskus. He agreed it was totally him. He ordered right after me, Chicken Tacos, Classic Blumenthal.”

McGary did mention that his intense interest in the Markley Hall Council concerned some, but he didn’t see his fandom as a negative thing. “A lot of people think I’m crazy when I stay up late at night to follow the councils work on the procurement and maintenance of gifts for Markley Hall residents, but in it’s simplicity I find the councils work really inspiring and their dedication extraordinary. When I see the hard work of superstars like Andrew I remember that pride I feel when I tell someone I’m a Michigan Wolverine.

Originally published October 2013

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