Nation’s Students Eagerly Await Black Friday Break

This year’s Black Friday Break, scheduled to begin at 5:00pm on November 27, according to many University students, cannot come soon enough. Regardless of whether they plan to spend their break in hours-long lines at Best Buy, Walmart, or Old Navy, students like freshman Evan DeYoung, are just ready to get home.

Stressing the importance of the holiday in his life, DeYoung mentioned, “I’m from out of state, so I never get to see some of my friends during the school year. Last year, it was nice to catch up with all of them as we waited in line to buy a matching set of Looney Toons golf bags. I got Elmer Fudd on mine! How fucking hysterical is that?”

After a long semester of dining hall food, many students indicated that home cooking was the main reason they were looking forward to break.

“Our Black Friday dinner is always really delicious,” remarked LSA sophomore Olivia Stanton. “Last year, my mom was able to score seventeen rotisserie chickens and a gallon of cranberry sauce at the local Sam’s Club.”

Other students mention the quality time that they get to spend with family as their favorite part of the holiday.

“I spend a lot of time with my brothers and parents the Thursday before, just kinda resting up for when we have to trample people at Wal- Mart to get cheap shit even cheaper,” noted Benjamin Hoover, an LSA senior. “Thankfully there’s never much to do that day besides watch football, so I really get to rest up for Friday.”

“Plus, my parents usually pay for the stuff I buy on Friday, so it kinda counts as family time, right?” he added.

Sara Fossum, ‘13, on the other hand really can’t wait for Black Friday to be over so she can finally start listening to the cheery songs of her favorite December holiday, Giving Black Friday Purchases to People.

Originally published Nov 2013

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