Baghdad Auto Show Reveals Latest In Car Bomb Innovations

BAGHDAD—Journalists, industry experts, and explosive enthusiasts alike gathered last week in Baghdad for the Baghdadi International Auto Show, a popular trade convention celebrating the latest and greatest in car bomb innovations.

“I’m really excited about the turnout this week,“ said radicalized Islamic militant and convention vendor Omar al-Masri, “We always like to see a nice, big, dense— especially dense —crowd.”

On display at the convention are various companies vying to become the next big supplier of the most sought after car bomb innovations like ABS (automatic bomb system), hybrid technology (using two different types of incendiary), and foot activated lift gates for when you need to load up the trunk, but your hands are full of bombs.

Ahmed al-Zurifi, who came to the convention with his son, says that the show offers entertainment for people of all ages.

“My son loves running for booth to booth collecting all of the free trinkets that the vendors give out,” al-Zurifi said while checking out the completely covered female models showing off a sparkly new car, “It looks like he’s almost collected enough gunpowder and shrapnel to build his own grenade.”

Originally published Jan. 2013

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