Student Suddenly Realizes Others Can Hear Him Sing, Despite Earbuds

After a particularly turbulent bus ride dislodged LSA junior David Brown’s earbuds, he realized with horror that he, and by extension all others around him, could hear him loudly belting out “Let it Go” from the Frozen soundtrack.

A still startled Brown then proceeded to apologize to the entire bus for disturbing them.

“Jesus, talk about embarrassing!” Brown explained. “I had no idea that anyone else could hear me singing, I guess I assumed having earbuds in just kinda muted it.”

This discovery led Brown to a series of grim revelations.

“Oh my God,” Brown continued. “Does this mean every other time I’ve sung in public they could hear me too? Shit! I sang the entire Celebrity album by ‘N Sync in the weight room last week!”

Though Brown may have been mortified to realize that he was indeed singing audibly in public the entire time, his friends and peers have found a sense of relief.

“This makes way more sense,” neighbor Jake Turner said. “I would always see him walking to class with his earbuds in and singing some dumb Katy Perry song and I’d think to myself, ‘Doesn’t he realize what an asshole he looks like?’ But I guess he really didn’t.”

While some had a hard time believing Brown’s failure to comprehend that earbuds do not magically stifle one’s singing, Brown insists he was completely oblivious.

“You think I’d have actually sung that loudly if I realized other people could hear me? It’s ridiculous. I’m aware of basic social conventions, and I know how rude it is to annoy other people who may not want to hear my own private rendition of ‘The Bad Touch.’ I just wish I would’ve known sooner, I could’ve prevented myself from looking like a total tool.”

“Oh well,” Brown sighed. “At least with my earbuds in no one else could see me doing my embarrassingly passionate air guitar solos. Wait… that’s a thing, right? Please tell me that’s a thing.”

Originally Published Feb 2014

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