Vice President Biden Excited To Show Obama New Macaroni Necklace He Made

WEST WING ARTS & CRAFTS ROOM—Vice President Joe Biden was thrilled to show President Barack Obama the necklace he made of macaroni noodles after a global initiative meeting last Thursday. Insiders say that President Obama was delighted with the presentation, as were the Danish ambassadors in attendance.

“We truly enjoyed the Vice President’s showmanship,” stated Danish ambassador Uri Hoffman, as he bit into one of the many heart-shaped cupcakes Biden prepared for the visitors. “Usually the President doesn’t let Joe out of his room, so seeing Joe run up to us in his pajamas was a thrill.”

Although moving, Biden’s affection for President Obama is nothing new. The two are widely known to have an amiable relationship, first famously displayed at the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony when Biden gave President Obama a picture of a purple train he drew.
The Vice President, who will be traveling to Japan this week for a leadership conference and Lego competition, has always liked to indulge in his creative side. Insiders state that President Obama always carries Wetnaps for Vice President Biden as his hands are often covered in glitter or glue.

“I think Joe is an incredible politician and am thankful to work with him, the President stated in an interview. “I respect his opinions and have all his work pinned on my refrigerator.” The President went on to praise Biden’s strong work ethic and the way he “draws animals in all these wonderful shapes and colors.”

Originally Published: Feb. 2014

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