Virgin Margarita Loses It to José Cuervo In Latest Post On Area Woman’s Erotic Food Blog

Following a blog post detailing the sexy goings-on of a recent “orgy of greens, vegetables, and nuts drenched in a glistening vinaigrette,” area woman Kerri Moreno’s most recent post beautifully crystallizes the moment that a stream of tequila penetrated the surface of her previously virginal margarita.

“I’ve been blogging my experiences with food erotica for a while now,” said Moreno, “but I’ve been so focused on experimenting with daring, kinky plotlines that I forgot how erotic your classic ‘virgin-cum-cocktail’ narrative can be.”

Moreno told reporters that inspiration struck while she was enjoying the tension and build- up of waiting for her burrito to arrive. “My best ideas come to me when I’m in a heightened state of excitement,” she explained.

The blog post explains the rest, describing in-depth how the “gaping mouth” of the margarita glass was “crying out” for “strong, full-bodied liquor to fill it up.” By the time the waiter came by with a bottle of José Cuervo, the margarita glass was positively “dripping with condensation.” The act itself lasted only about four seconds, but by the end of that pour the margarita had transformed into a cocktail.

Originally Published Feb. 2014

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