Do You Hear That Rattling?

Hmm, that’s odd. Hey, does anyone else hear that rattling sound? Tommy, is that you horsing around back there? Knock it off, it’s dangerous to distract the driver. Wait, it’s not you? Huh. Strange.

Do you think it could be your sister’s computer knocking up against something? It’s gotta be an easy fix, I mean it just started. Honey, will you check if there is something in the CD drive that could be moving around? Nothing there? Darn it!

Everyone be quiet for a minute. Tommy, I said quiet! Okay, sounds like it’s coming from the back left. Kids do you hear it back there? No, I’m pretty sure back left. I just don’t hear a loud sound around me. It’s more distant than that.

There’s no way it could be the engine, I mean I just took it in last week. Seriously, I was just there. Will everyone make sure their windows are rolled up all the way, please? Shoot, I thought that might do it. What do you mean you can’t even hear, it Beth? There is an obvious rattle. Well yeah, sometimes it’s softer than other times, but it’s still there!

Alright, I’m going to decelerate and you tell me if you think it’s getting better or worse. Now I’m going to speed back up and you guys do the same thing. Okay, it’s definitely worse when we go slower than 70 or faster than 80, so I’ll try to stay somewhere around 75. That’s the sweet spot, baby!

Okay that doesn’t really seem to be helping anymore. Can you guys make sure it’s not just something in a cup holder rattling around? Maybe it’s the heat. Do you think? We are much further south. But even if that’s the problem, it still doesn’t tell us where it’s coming from. No, Crissy, I’m sure the car is fine, we’re all safe. Beth will you check the sunglass holder and the glove compartment again real quick? Yeah, just take everything out one by one and see if it stops. Yes, everything. Don’t question me.

Alright Beth, you’re going to have to drive for a while so I can figure out where the heck this dang sound is coming from. Okay? At the next rest stop we can get out and take a break, I’ll check under the hood, and we’ll switch drivers. Then we can finally have a good time, right guys?

Originally Published Mar 2014

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