Obituary: Girl Frozen to Death Outside Skeeps

Cecilia Murphy, 19, of Sigma Kappa departed this life on the evening of March 17, 2014 after a brave battle with cold temperatures. She died of complications related to waiting in line outside of Skeeps, as she was tragically under the impression that alcohol blankets were literal barriers capable of withstanding subzero temperatures.

God’s new angel was found at peace next to a snowbank on Maynard Street, wearing a tank top covered in phrases such as “St. Fratty’s Day 2014,” “I’m not Irish but I still like to drink,” and “Who knows the real origin of this holiday?”

She died surrounded by those she loved, and pretended to love, the most. According to the sisters who accompanied her in her last moments, Murphy’s last words included “All boys are stupid,” “I need to find some real men,” and “If guys don’t have to wear heels, then neither should I.” Just before Murphy left our earth for the Lord’s Heavenly Kingdom, she symbolically removed her four-inch heels and vowed to “only love her sisters.” The sisters who witnessed this moment described it as “beautiful” and “touching,” and, upon gaining entrance into Skeeps, took a shot in their fallen sister’s honor.

Murphy is survived by 92 sisters and her Grand-Big, Rose Sakiras. Her Big, Lilly More, tragically passed on in December after slipping on black ice while going to a late night party. The Michigan Sigma Kappa chapter released an emotional statement that reads, “We are happy that Cecilia spent her last moments pursuing what she loved. So here’s to the nights that we’ll never remember with a girl that we’ll never forget.”

Donations in Murphy’s memory can be made to the Sigma Kappa “Slush Fund,” which aims to increase alcohol blanket protection for sisters suffering from the harsh winter in short skirts and prevent future tragedies such as this.


Originally Published March 2014

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