OKCupid Launches ‘PrettyGoodCupid’ For More Discerning Customers

Humor Rainbow, the company behind OKCupid, has announced plans to launch a new “PrettyGoodCupid” site for “more discerning” and “less desperate” singles.

This new site will cater to a clientele who find themselves unsatisfied by what OKCupid has to offer. Said COO Damien Bronson of the launch, “We think that this move will bring in traffic from those customers who know that ‘OK’ just isn’t good enough – those who actually know what the word ‘OK’ means. I mean, only a certain type of person actually looks for love on a site that can’t even promise a semi-decent match.”

Upon applying for membership with Humor Rainbow dating sites, a highly detailed match system will place users in either the OK or the PrettyGood dating pool. This distinction will be made based on an array of factors, from physical appearance to the normalcy one’s hobbies. Explains Bronson, “While on OKCupid you might see a 45 year old high school dropout who likes to play the mandolin and regularly attends Renaissance fairs, on PrettyGoodCupid that 45 year old will have a steady job, a New York Times subscription, and a boring yet comfortable childhood in suburban Connecticut,” said Bronson.

When asked if there are plans in place for an even more selective dating site in the future, Bronson replied that those who find themselves unsatisfied by PrettyGoodCupid are probably sufficiently attractive and socially skilled to meet a partner in real life.

Originally published March 2014

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