Animal Does Something Cool On Camera

Enthralling a nation desperate to be entertained, reports have confirmed that an animal has done something cool in front of a camera.

The adorable, furry animal was spotted at approximately 9 a.m. last Tuesday, doing something atypical enough to garner the attention of a nearby human. Using a camera phone, the individual recorded the creature and uploaded the clip to YouTube.“The rest,” said the amateur filmmaker, “was history.”

The animal’s actions, which resembled those of a human or other species to which the animal does not belong, were entertaining enough to become an overnight internet sensation. Its zany antics have captured the hearts and minds of millions of Americans searching for reason, the meaning of life, or a short distraction from their inevitable deaths.

“Omg he thinks hes people,” reported YouTube commenter Jill_Booty_98, whose comment has since received over 6,000 “thumbs ups.” “My cat does this all the time lol,” added user xXSusansUsernameXx, whose prolific comment history is said to serve as a guiding light for many YouTube users.

At 107 million views, the interesting animal video has surpassed the viewership of cultural flashpoints such as “Cat Fail LOL,” “Squirrel on Motorcycle” and “Dog Fail LOL.” The video only needs 3 million more hits before surpassing “Monkey Pees in Own Mouth LOL,” which set the standard in interesting and/or humorous animal videos.

Following the social media frenzy, the video has reportedly made the rounds on several local news broadcasts, provoking minutes of witty banter among news co-hosts. Des Moines News Anchor Steve Stone of WXJQ-52 said, “Folks, if you think city hall is ridiculous, wait ‘til you see this.”

The groundbreaking video clip has also spawned several YouTube parodies involving other animals and situations that resemble the original film. The most popular parody originated on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0, featuring a naked Daniel Tosh acting in a manner similar to the animal.

Despite several attempts at contact, the interesting animal was unavailable for comment, and is likely unaware of its newfound celebrity status.

Originally published April 2014

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