End Of Summer Sublease Not First Time Brittany Has Kicked Creepy Guy Out Of Bedroom, Certainly Not Last

WHEREVER BRITTANY LIVES—In a familiar sight to her housemates, Nursing junior Brittany McCarron had to force a creepy guy out of her apartment when she arrived back to Ann Arbor for the fall, Brittany’s friends confirmed last week.

“Unfortunately, seeing Brittany pester some weirdo to get out of her apartment is hardly a new sight,” McCarron’s housemate Rachel Kinlaw said. “It’s just this time it’s the person she rented her room out to.”

McCarron, who recently arrived back from a summer in her hometown, rents a five-person house on Ann St., along with a group of friends. She subleased her room over the summer to help offset the cost of her 12-month lease while she was gone.

“I came home to this freak who said he was moving out the week before, but was clearly still making himself feel at home,” Brittany said. “He answered the door without pausing this movie he was watching, that was either straight-up porn or some weird Japanese arthouse shit.”

McCarron then added, “He kind of reminded this guy who I was sleeping with last fall… well, until he told me I reminded him of his sister.”

According to Kinlaw and Bergeron, Brittany telling her sublessee Frank that he really crossed the line and that she wanted him to leave was all-too reminiscent of other experiences of the recent past.

“It was like a flashback back to the entire 2013–14 school year,” Kinlaw said. “It’s great to already be back into the swing of things right of the bat with your roomies.”

“I remember back in March when I woke up and went into the kitchen to find some guy saying who said ‘Greetings’ to me and continued making a shitty omelette for one,” Bergeron recalls. “Brittany always finds a way to attract the wrong kind of guy. I guess even with people she’s subletting to.”

Perhaps the most off-putting thing about Frank, Brittany says, was the way he decorated her room over the summer to display his eccentric interests. “Who in the hell puts up posters in the bedroom you are renting from someone else for the summer?” Brittany said.

“Frank was a horrible tenant and person and I’m glad I finally got him out of our house. He was messy, hard to communicate with, and extremely defiant.” Added Brittany, “He was definitely a good lay though.”

Originally published September 2014

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