Man With Dead Pet Just Raking In The Facebook Likes

Following the death of his cat, Jerry, area man and attention whore Steven Rodriguez, has reportedly received over 120 “likes” on a Facebook post regarding the departed feline.

“I’ll miss you, little guy,” reads the post, accompanied by a picture of the now-deceased Jerry playing with yarn. The transparent attempt at gaining Facebook likes went viral on Sunday, a few short hours after the cat had passed.

The post, fueled only by Rodriguez’s insatiable desire for validation, received a disgustingly large amount of likes from his friends, family, neighbors and coworkers.

Further, the incessant outpouring of sympathy wasn’t merely limited to “likes.” Several people also elected to comment on the post, playing into Rodriguez’s sick, deplorable game.

“Sorry to hear about this. I’ll miss seeing Jerry walk around my garden and sniff the flowers,” commented Sarah Collins, Rodriguez’s neighbor, who unrepentantly bought into this manipulative attempt to accrue sympathy via social media.

“I always loved how he’d rub his little face on my feet when I woke up in the morning,” added Suzie Fitzpatrick, Rodriguez’s live-in girlfriend, seemingly unaware that the man with whom she shares her home is a sick, like-craving sociopath.

Evidently, the post about his cat was not Rodriguez’s first successful attempt at gaining a heaping pile of Facebook likes. Research into the deviant’s past reveals several other posts that garnered similar responses.

“Mom’s cancer officially in remission! Just in time for Mother’s Day too,” reads another one of Rodriguez’s cunning attempts at gaining some sweet, sweet likes.

Originally published: Sept. 2014

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