Unarmed White Teen Brutally Slapped On Wrist

Walworth (left) thanks the officer for his understanding.

GROSSE POINTE—An entire community was outraged on Sunday when unarmed white teenager Samson Walworth was caught smoking marijuana in his local high school parking lot and immediately given a slap on the wrist.

“It was horrible. I looked into the officer’s eyes, and I could have sworn he was going to arrest me,” said Walworth following the encounter. “I’m just glad he got ahold of himself before he did anything rash, like call my parents.”

The defenseless teen was confronted by the policeman at approximately 12:28 a.m. last Sunday, according to a report issued by the Grosse Pointe Woods Police Department. The officer arrived at the scene after several neighbors complained that Walworth’s car stereo was much too loud for that time of night.

“I didn’t want the kid to get in trouble or anything, I just wanted him to turn down his music,” said a neighbor who requested to remain anonymous. “I asked him to turn it down a few times, but I never would have called the police if I knew that it was going to end up with a serious talking-to.”

The officer reportedly verbally accosted Walworth after seeing him smoking marijuana while blasting N.W.A’s “Fuck the Police” out of his 2010 Escalade. “Put that out right now, or you’re gonna be in big trouble, buddy” said the officer at the scene of the altercation.

The officer berated the teen for upwards of five minutes, tossing insults such as, “you’re better than this, Samson,” and “you’re an honor student, so why don’t you act like one?”

Even worse, said Walworth, the officer forced him to throw the rest of his weed into a nearby dumpster.

“That was really expensive bud,” said Walworth. “That stupid fucking cop basically made me throw out forty-five dollars! That’s like, half my weekly allowance.”

Before leaving, the officer told Walworth that if the teen was caught with cannabis again, “we’ll be talking fines, maybe even some community service.”

The officer then drove away, leaving the visibly distraught teen to think about what he did.  the officer pulled over an African American man for driving a Jimmy John’s delivery car two miles per hour over the speed limit.

At press time, the officer was pulling over an African American man for driving a Jimmy John’s delivery car two miles-per-hour over the speed limit.

Originally published: September 2014

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