Obama Named Worst President Since Bush

President Barack Obama was named the worst Leader of the Free World following George W. Bush’s time in office in a recent double blind poll conducted by CNN last week. No other Presidents were nominated.

While many voters supported some of Obama’s policies, they did not hesitate to judge the Chief Executive’s overall tenure in the Oval Office. Participant Alexander Treacher explained, “I agree with Obama’s stances on Iraq and Afghanistan. Then when it comes to gun control, we just don’t see eye-to-eye.

Sure, I have to reconcile those differences in the voting booth, but as far as his legacy goes, it’s certainly the worst of any president since Bush. Even if I liked everything Obama did, take a look at the list of all the presidents who followed W. Obama is the worst, hands down.”

Few participants had qualms about taking CNN’s survey despite neglecting to cast a ballot in either the 2008 or 2012 presidential elections. Area woman Camille Harley, despite claiming that she “hates politics,” does not shy away from criticizing the Commander-in-chief, and was also not a supporter of the Bush administration.

“It’s like Obama is a dictator or something. He just controls everything. He raises our taxes and forces us to get healthcare. And before him, Bush was so lazy and dumb. His tax cuts helped cause the Great Recession and millions of people didn’t get adequate treatment from doctors. There’s no way I’m supporting either of them in the next election.”

Harley was unavailable at press time for further comment as she had to rush home to cast her vote for the American Idol finalists.

Published Oct. 2014

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