Woman Galloping Naked Through Diag On Belgian Warmblood Stallion Experiences 100+ Instances Of Street Harassment In One Day

THE DIAG––Sources confirmed Wednesday that an Ann Arbor woman–who was doing nothing more than taking her daily, naked trot through the Diag in broad daylight atop her Belgian Warmblood Stallion–was subject to more than one hundred instances of catcalling, whistling, and entirely unsolicited and inappropriate attention. Dozens of onlookers were seen hooting, hollering, and staring as the young woman galloped unassumingly past, her flaxen hair fluttering gracefully and inconspicuously in the brisk, autumn wind. At press time, dozens of the woman’s peers–all of whom happened to be wearing overclothes, and none of whom happened to be striding through a public place on horseback–were subject to more or less the exact same thing.

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