Anecdotes from Alumnus Parent Really Contribute to Campus Tour

Noting the frequent fuzzy and futile recounts of his time spent at the University of Michigan, fellow parents and prospective students on a recent tour of Central Campus agreed that Alumnus Brian Fischer’s antiquated knowledge of campus happenings was a welcomed addition to their on-campus experience.

Throughout the half-hour, .8-mile tour of the campus’ most noteworthy locales, Fischer made an effort to comment on almost each one, as well as entertain the tour guide with fascinating inquiries concerning everything from whether or not “you guys still go to the Brown Jug every weekend,” to, “do you know if Professor Kirkovich is still around? He was the man.”

After the tour, fellow parent, Cathy Harmon noted that she was thrilled to hear about the living-learning communities her son could take part in, and was equally delighted to hear that Fischer “had lived in this very dorm his freshman year. No wait maybe it was a different room, but it was definitely in Jordan Hall I remember that. Maybe a different floor…”

Tour guide Andi Ruiz was reportedly delighted to see an alumni in her group, noting that commentaries like, “back in ‘88, this building actually was ugly, that’s the funny part.

But it looks like they’ve definitely had some renovations done since I was on campus. Can’t say we did any studying in there though, haha,” really offer insight into the U of M experience that she just can’t provide.

By the time the tour group had reached the west-engineering arch, Fischer could be overheard muttering that he could “practically run this tour himself” and that afterwards he would take his son around to “all the cool spots on campus.”

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