‘Bad Day’ Singer Releases New Single ‘So I Had a Bad Decade’

In an attempt to revitalize his floundering career, singer Daniel Powter has announced the release of a new song, “So I Had a Bad Decade,” following his 2005 smash “Bad Day.”

Since “Bad Day,” the famed American Idol playoff song and first single to ever sell 2 million digital copies in the United States, Powter has been absent from the limelight. However, he hopes to renew his career with this new single, and like his earlier hit, Powter says this song relates to him personally. “Look at the lyrics in ‘Bad Day,’” said Powter. “I had like the worst fucking day. ’Cause you had a bad day / You’re taking one down / You sing a sad song just to turn it around yada-yada-yada, describes my actions that day perfectly, and it worked out great with one of the most successful songs of all time in part because it was so relatable. If having that crappy day made me millions, think what a big hit a song about a terrible ten years could be! I mean, I am definitely not the only one who has had a rough ten years; just look at the state of American manufacturing.”

Though “Bad Decade” is not about a single date, it still maintains the theme of what critics call “Powter’s predictably pathetic and awful life.” The lyrics, “So I thought I had a career / My song was on a show/ When people actually watched American Idol, feels like ages ago,” will certainly resonate with anyone whose life has slowly turned to abject failure. It continues, “I have tons of money from my only hit song/ I bought a mansion, but I’m still so alone/ My dog ran away and I’m not James Blunt/ By the way, my balls don’t work/ Im-poOoOoo-tent, I had a bad decade.”

Powter hopes that the public will respond similarly to the profound lyrics in this potential hit as they did with Bad Day, but that reaction seems unlikely. People are largely unaware of his continued existence.

At press time, those searching “Daniel Power” on Google were surprised to find the query auto- complete to “Is Daniel Powter dead?” Sources confirmed that he is not.

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