‘It Totally Feels Like A Thursday,’ Remarks Area Coworker

THE BREAKROOM–Following another riveting discussion of how dang cold it’s been getting lately, Kevin from marketing confirmed this morning that today “totally feels like a Thursday,” which is weird because by all accounts, it’s only Wednesday.

“Oh, man how is today only Wednesday? This week is taking forever,” reported the 34-year-old brand manager. Despite several indications that it was a Wednesday such as the date on his Gary Larson calendar and the fact that the cafeteria was serving their famous Wednesday Wet Burritos, Kevin remained firm in his assertion that today just felt like a Thursday, somehow.

“I know, I’m just so ready for the weekend,” added Kari from HR to a murmur of general agreement. While Kari does not actually have weekend plans, the observation was determined essential to continue the flow of generic workplace conversation.

As the riveting discussion continued, several employees hypothesized about why this week felt so long. Possible explanations included increased workloads, along with the recent replacement of Bagel Wednesdays with Bagel Tuesdays.

“I guess we’ve been doing the Bagel Tuesdays, but Bagel Wednesdays really broke up the week,” said Kevin to several nodding coworkers. “I

really liked Bagel Wednesdays.” However, the group later confirmed that today’s Thursday feeling was actually due to the day off last week, which could possibly have made this week feel longer in comparison. This reportedly resolved the issue.

At press time, Kevin was seen writing an email at his cubicle, requesting that the office administrator revert Bagel Tuesdays back to Bagel Wednesdays.

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