Graduating Sorority Girl Donates $2000 of Rush Omega Gear to Goodwill

Senior Rebecca Marrell recently decided to donate her entire collection of sorority apparel to Goodwill after graduation. “It’s not that I don’t love my sorority or that I won’t miss it,” she said, “I do and I will. It’s just really tacky to wear letters when you graduate.”

Marrell, who served as recruitment chair and “pledge mommy” of her sorority, originally thought that she would donate her collection to her great grand-little. “After thinking about it for a while, I decided I should give it away to the less fortunate instead,” said Marrell. “Plus, my great grand- little is kind of a bitch who doesn’t deserve it.”

Marrell thinks the collection will be of great use to the poor. “There’s lot of nice sweaters and jackets in there,” says Marrell. “Also, they will always have matching gloves and tights, so they’ll never look bad on a gameday.”

Philip Mathers, director of Ann Arbor’s Goodwill, is unsure that the items will be of use, although he stands by the store’s commitment to taking all donations. “It was very kind of her to give us all these belongings,” says Mathers. “I just very rarely see homeless people buying crop tops and neon fanny packs.”

Marrell says she is excited to move to the Village in Manhattan and begin her life at a startup, but says her heart will always be in Ann Arbor with her sorority belongings. “No matter where I go, I’ll never forget my biggest accomplishment,” says Marrell. “We had three frats ask us for pregame partners when I was a sophomore. I mean, that’s history.”

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