Nation Briefly Empowered by Thing It Saw on Internet

Nodding vigorously in solidarity, the nation’s citizens were momentarily and briefly empowered today by a thing they saw on the internet. Reportedly, the surging feeling of broadened social, political and personal horizons left an enduring impact on the nation’s entire collective consciousness for no less than several minutes.

“It changed the whole way I saw society for upwards of half an hour,” said Facebook user Erica Haller. “For a brief period of time, I felt this tremendously powerful, yet entirely perfunctory sense of obligation to my fellow humans.”

The thing on the internet, which was seen by millions and shared by thousands, jumpstarted a national

dialogue that is reported to have deeply affected “hearts and minds alike” in meaningful, albeit entirely transitory, way.

As increasingly many things on the internet gain extremely high and incredibly transient levels of visibility, some internet users have struggled to keep up with their own powerfully felt, temporarily held convictions.

At press time, the thing’s share of the nation’s interest and attention had been usurped by another self- righteous thinkpiece trying to kickstart a backlash.

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