Throwback: 9 Photos of Bread Before it Was Toasted

Get ready for a trip down memory lane, because we’re taking you way back with these 9 photos of this starchy, carb-loaded staple food BEFORE it was browned by exposure to radiant heat.

1. Wow, just look at these little guys! Really brings you back to a time before they were held in close proximity to heating elements for 1-3 minutes.


2. Ok––we seriously just did a double take! THIS is what that pumpernickel slice looked like before we jammed it in a hot a crevice long enough for it to change colors??


3. Remember when it was like this? We sure didn’t!


4. Now THAT is a blast from several minutes ago!


5. No question about it: this is from before it was toasted.


6. Definitely a trip down short-term memory lane!


7. You can’t forget about these carcinogen-free li’l morsels.


8. Hard to tell, but this is definitely from their pre-toasted era.


9. Who knew??



Be sure to check back next week for EXCLUSIVES of  some USDA Prime beef before it was braised.

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