Super Bowl XLIX: U. of Phoenix Stadium Offers Rare Job Opportunity to Recent U. of Phoenix Grads

As football fans from around the nation make their way to the University of Phoenix Stadium for Super Bowl XLIX, sources have confirmed that the Glendale, Arizona stadium is offering rare opportunities for temporary, unskilled labor to “those most in need of a job”: recent University of Phoenix graduates.

“At University of Phoenix Stadium, we’ve always tried to make a positive impact on the community,” said spokeswoman Sherry Rappaport. “That’s why we’re extending this offer of low-wage, hourly employment to the community’s most disadvantaged members: University of Phoenix alumni,” Rappaport continued, adding that although the labor market has shown marked improvements in recent months, University of Phoenix graduates are still among the least qualified and most chronically underemployed populations in the labor supply.

“University of Phoenix’s online income estimator told me I could make as much as $150,000 after getting my Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management,” said recent alumnae Maria Rainer. “But it’s been three years since I finished my PhD in Technology, and the only replies I’ve gotten to my resume have been ‘Out-of-Office’ messages. Is something wrong with me?”

Rainer added that she is hopeful, however, as the University of Phoenix is “really going above and beyond for its struggling alumni by offering paid employment for the duration of the Super Bowl weekend.”

She continued, “I can’t wait to get back to work. Getting beer for drunk fans isn’t necessarily what my education prepared me for, but at least I picked the online college that sponsors a stadium. I shudder to think about where I would be if I had decided to go to ITT Tech instead.”

When reached via phone, University of Phoenix administrators explained that they were too busy updating their alumni job placement statistics to comment.

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