Chelsea Just Going To Assume That The Same Guy Who Asked Her To Watch His Stuff

CHELSEA’S PERIPHERY—After glancing over from her laptop every couple minutes, LSA junior Chelsea Ward was “pretty sure” that the blur in the side of her eye sitting down at table beside her was the same guy who asked her to watch his stuff ten minutes beforehand.

“I told somebody ‘sure’ when he asked me to watch his stuff,” Ward said. “I didn’t really look up at him when he asked, but I’m just gonna roll the dice on this one and say it’s the same guy who came back a few minutes after.”

Reports indicate that Ward is roughly “sixty percent sure” that it was the rightful owner of some strangers stuff who sat down at the neighboring table in the Fishbowl, citing the man wearing a sort-of blueish shirt as her foremost evidence.

“I think I saw a block M somewhere on it, so that holds up,” Ward said. “And I heard him mumble something as he walked by me. Maybe a thanks? I don’t know. I kinda just need to get out of here.”

Despite her rush, Ward did stick it out for a few seconds to make sure everything was good before leaving.

“I watched the guy sit down, open up a notebook, and start typing on the laptop,” Ward said. “I mean, even if it somehow wasn’t the same dude, the guy had the whole confidence thing down, and that counts for something, right?”

Sources confirmed that Engineering sophomore Devin Sylvester came over to the same table minutes afterward and started frantically asking nearby students if anyone had seen his backpack.

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