Christian Frat Enjoys Wild Night Out At Pinball Pete’s

Amid numerous reports of raucous behavior and rough-housing on South University last weekend, reports surfaced that the brothers of Christian fraternity Phi Alpha Kappa had spent an unusually late evening out at Pinball Pete’s arcade on Saturday.

The brothers, known for their philanthropic efforts through the church instead of late-night debauchery, were seen carousing about Pinball Pete’s arcade on South University into the wee hours of 9:30 PM. Reports of excessive Mountain Dew consumption, as well as loud games of Mario Kart and chants of “toga” could be heard from the basement of the family arcade.

The brothers were the first to comment on the experience. “I’ll admit things got pretty out of hand,” recounted Brother Brad Frachess, a senior member of the Christian brotherhood. “I was pretty hopped up on fountain soda at the time and wasn’t really thinking straight, but these guys? These guys are truly brothers in Christ!”

Pledge brother Eric Barringer made similar reports. “I knew that college was pretty wild, but even I wasn’t ready for this!” stated Barringer, who was nursing a wicked sugar-induced headache at the time of the interview “Although I did get a pretty killer score in Pop-a-Shot!” Barringer asserted that the arcade’s eponymous proprietor was his second favorite Peter behind Saint Peter the apostle.

Despite the brothers’ claims to the contrary, the managers at Pinball Pete’s expressed no immediate anger at the fraternity’s behavior. “They were all incredibly respectful, and seemed like they were having a blast,” said manager Kyle Armitage “they’re welcome back any time.”

After their demonstration at Pinball Pete’s, sources confirmed the brothers proceeded to Insomnia Cookies, where they reportedly engaged in milk-chugging competitions. Onlookers explained they were able to spot the brothers from their tucked in polo shirts and mildly awkward but earnest demeanor.

Chapter President Mike James, of the fraternity, expressed reproach for the brothers’ late night antics, which resulted in numerous brothers being late for church the following morning. While the fraternity officers said that the brothers will not be punished for this incident, they advised the brothers to ask themselves “What would Jesus do?” the next time they were faced with sugary treats and a fistful of game tokens.

At press time, the brothers of the fraternity were looking forward to their next outing, which will be at Colonial Lanes bowling alley this upcoming weekend.

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