Homeless Can Collector Wins Trip To Ann Arbor Recycling Center After Finding Golden Bottle

Local bottle collector and homeless man Marv Billingsly admitted he couldn’t believe his luck upon discovering an elusive golden bottle while rummaging through a stranger’s recyclables early Tuesday morning. The golden bottle promotion allows Billingsly and a guest of his choice to enter the famed waste disposal plant Recycle Ann Arbor, which has been famously shuttered to the public for over 30 years.

“Normally I just collect cans and bottles until I’ll have enough deposits to buy a cheap fifth of rum,” said Billingsly. “But then I heard about this golden bottle hidden among the recycling of Ann Arbor residents and I just knew I had to find it.

Billingsly admitted that he first assumed the golden bottle was only a rumor, but decided to devote much of his substantial free time to finding it anyway.

When asked what he hoped to find inside the recycling center, Billingsly explained that he wasn’t sure what to expect.

“I hear they have all sorts of experimental new products, like big trucks that will one day go around and collect everyone’s recycling, bringing it back here to be sorted and consolidated.” Said Billingsly, “I hope that stuff is just a myth though; it would put me out of a job!”

When reached for comment, Recycle Ann Arbor stated that the program began as an attempt to raise school children’s interest in recycling and the bottle is only spray painted gold, urging people not to worry: Mr. Billingsly should not be able to sell it for a pound of cocaine as he had hoped.

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