Report: Girl Who Hasn’t Responded to Your Text Just Really Busy

Sources confirmed last week that although that girl you really liked has not yet responded to your text asking her out, it’s only because she is very busy, and will reportedly get back to you at her earliest convenience.

While the time stamp under the message in question currently reads, “Read 2:03 PM” and a significant amount of time has passed since then, it is “totally understandable” that she has not texted you back because, as witnesses explained, “the beginning of the semester is so busy, you know?”

It was also noted that checking your phone more frequently would not yield a faster nor more desirable response. Those close to the situation have maintained that while she was a “pretty cool” girl and you guys “definitely clicked,” this is a huge school and it may be time for you to move on.

“Stop harping on this one girl,” witnesses were heard saying. “There are tons of great girls out there. But if by some miracle she does text back, then maybe you can take her out to coffee, or something.

“But who knows? If she isn’t into you, then you shouldn’t be into her,” witnesses continued. “You’re a really great guy, and I think if she realized that, then she would’ve texted you back a while ago.”

At press time, sources confirmed that although you definitely should not text her again, you probably will anyway.

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