New Reality Cooking Competition Serves Up Fresh Take on Cooking With Your Roommate’s Food

After the success of a number of reality cooking shows, the Food Network recently aired its new show “Cooking with Your Roommate’s Food,” starring Guy Fieri. With a selection of student guests and their irritated roommates, “Cooking with Your Roommate’s Food” is a high-stakes competition in which cooks must race against the clock to prepare a meal using only ingredients from the fridge marked by their roommates.

“We’ve been looking for something fresh in the cook-off genre,” stated Executive Producer Michael Torres. “In the past, we’ve tried spicing things up by restricting chefs to what they could find in a supermarket, or letting them sabotage each other, but the roommate tension dynamic takes it to a whole other level.”

Many contestants were particularly excited that the show teaches beginners the art of dorm cooking.

“My parents are always saying I need to learn to cook if I’m ever going to live on my own in the real world,” said engineering sophomore Dan Schultz. “Thanks to this show, I finally know how to make some killer ramen and microwaved salmon, especially while violating my roommate’s personal space.”

At the end of each episode, the chefs bring in their roommates to taste their creations. “This part’s always my favorite,” said host Guy Fieri. “Usually we don’t even have to bring them in ourselves; one will just burst in and start ranting about how his name was clearly written on the tin and how he ‘wouldn’t mind if you paid for snacks once in a fucking while.’”

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