Family Argument Settled In Kitchen Begins Again In Living Room

Hostility descended upon the Lachowitz family shortly after dinner Thursday night when a disagreement between Jeff and Tonya Lachowitz seemingly settled in the kitchen suddenly re-emerged with renewed intensity in the living room.

Sources confirmed that the argument stemmed from a dispute over which trash bags fit best in the trashcan under the sink. While the subject was hotly contested over the family’s meal, the debate seemingly ended when Mr. Lachowitz dropped his silverware on his plate and smacked his lips loudly just before taking his dinnerware to the sink for rinsing.

“After dad dropped his plate in the sink, he reached down toward the trashcan and attempted to fluff-down the trash bag to simulate how poorly the trash bag held waste,” said son Thomas Lachowitz.

“There was every indication that the debate had passed its climax,” Thomas continued, noting that while the argument yielded no particular progress or satisfactory conclusion, given his father’s outburst, there was no way to foresee it making a resurgence in the near future.

The tension in the household reportedly dissipated as the family jostled into the living room for a brief bout of T.V. watching, but soon re-erupted as arguments posited earlier reemerged, triggered by a Glad ForceFlex, and sent the family members into complete disarray.

“I just didn’t understand what was going on. They already said the exact same stuff in the kitchen,” Thomas claimed, adding that the two people arguing acted is if this exact thing hadn’t already happened just minutes earlier in a different room.

“I thought when we flipped on ABC Family we were in for a night of fun,” Mr. Lachowitz concluded, “it’s almost as if the argument didn’t solve a thing.”

Unavailable for interview, Mrs. Lachowitz was seen aggressively and loudly organizing the kitchen while releasing multiple sighs and mumbling about how this “of course this didn’t actually have anything to do with trash bags.

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