Gym A Great, Terrible Place To Hit On Chicks, Say Men, Women

THAT ONE TREADMILL IN THE IM BUILDING— A recent survey of male gym goers found the gym to be a perfectly acceptable place to hit on women, to which a cohort of female gym goers responded, “Don’t.”

The survey was conducted at the Intramural Sports building and provoked many interesting responses from gym goers such as: “I like it when she sweats,” and, “I really have no control over how my body cools itself.”

When asked whether they change their workout routines to catch the eyes of fellow gym patrons, some participants responded that they like to “show of their totally blasted quads” while others simply responded with 20-30 seconds of continuous laughter.

Intramural Building director Kim Fields says the survey responses will be used in a variety of ways, but mostly to improve the gym experience for students. Fields explained, “We now know, for example, that when working out, many gym goers prefer to watch shows such as Bones or Law & Order: SVU, while others enjoy watching the ass of the girl working out on the elliptical in front of them.”

A related survey conducted by Michigan Libraries found that most men think that cute girl reading a book next to them would totally love to be interrupted and asked what she is reading, as she likely doesn’t receive that type of “flattering” attention every day.

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