Class Quietly Giggles When Professor Curses

During International Studies 401 Thursday afternoon, approximately nine minutes into his lecture on Syria, Professor Greg Gershire reportedly cursed, causing the young adults in his class to softly chuckle.

Although some members of the class refrained from responding to Professor Gershire’s slip-up because they are “way too mature to laugh at a word like that,” others seemed to find it quite amusing. “Man, it was so funny,” said sophomore Ryan Glaser. “He didn’t just quote a passage that had a curse word in it, or something like that. Instead, he was really angry, complaining about some Middle East policies, and boom. This little, frail, white dude cussed like a sailor.”

However, Professor Gershire was unhappy with his misstep. “I really try to keep my lectures PG, maybe PG-13 on a bad day. Never say anything that would get bleeped out, you know? A “hell” or “Christ” is fine maybe once a week. But that afternoon was bad. As soon as the word slipped out of my mouth, the class let out a collective— albeit subdued—giggle and I immediately regretted it. I apologize to anyone I offended with my use of profanity.”

Professor Gershire may be unlikely to curse again in the future, but students were reportedly more than happy to brag to their friends about their “awesome, down-to-earth professor.”

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